Who invented Vitargo?

In the beginning of 1993 the entrepreneur Roger Sandström came up with the idea to develop a unique sports drink for endurance athletes. Mr. Sandström decided to contact the R&D department at Lyckeby Starch (farmer-owned cooperative in Sweden) and they made the groundbreaking discovery of a carbohydrate which has a very high molecular weight and delivers a unprecedented rapid uptake.

In order to present the facts of the newly developed product’s superiority over the simple sugars on the market at that time, discussions with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden were started the mid-1994. The initial report of the study was presented to the public in the 1996. It showed a significant advantage of Vitargo over all competitive carbohydrate-based products at the time. The study proved that Vitargo replenished glycogen levels in muscles 70 % faster within 1-hour than other maltodextrin-based sports drinks. Later that year a second study was presented, showing that Vitargo left the stomach 2.3 time (130%) faster than other maltodextrin-based sports drinks.

A few years later Lyckeby Starch started to negotiate with the Swedish company Swecarb AB for sale of the patent and brand name of Vitargo, which led to a takeover on September 1st 2001.

Nowadays Vitargo is still the fastest muscle fuel on the global market, used by athlete in all sports to fuel their success.

How does Vitargo work?

Vitargo is a molecule that DWARFS sugars (e.g. glucose, fructose, and sucrose) as well as maltodextrin, the carbohydrates found in ordinary energy recovery drinks. Vitargo’s larger size minimizes its OSMOLALITY, which refers to how much water it draws around it. Vitargo’s LOW OSMOLALITY allows it to MOVE THROUGH the stomach over 2x FASTER than other carbohydrates, which tend to act more like a SPONGE in the stomach. Spending LESS time in the stomach allows Vitargo to be delivered to the part of the intestinal tract – the duodenum – where it is rapidly digested and absorbed. THIS provides a near immediate surge in ENERGY to blood and muscle, SUPERIOR to other ordinary carbohydrates. AFTER training or competition is over Vitargo recovers glycogen 168% FASTER, allowing for an increase in performance up to 23% GREATER after just 2 HOURS when compared to carbohydrates found in ordinary sport and recovery drinks!

When should I USE Vitargo?

Vitargo is a PRE, INTRA, POST and IN-BETWEEN workout supplement.

As a PRE workout (before training and/or competition) – to deliver readily available fuel for muscle and the rest of the body at the onset, take 1 serving of Vitargo 30min prior to workout. Due to Vitargo’s ability to move through the stomach quickly means NO BLOATING or DISCOMFORT associated with other sport drinks.

As an INTRA workout (during training and/or competition) – to maintain high intensity performance, Vitargo is ideal for consumption during halftime, in between periods, during innings, at the end of pool lanes, at the turn and in transition areas. Some athletes have found 1 scoop of Vitargo effective as a PRE workout and 1 scoop effective DURING the workout. Water-ever the amount you desire, continuously sip on Vitargo during your workout to keep your energy/glycogen levels HIGH for PEAK performance.

As a POST workout to be consumed immediately AFTER training/competition Vitargo.

Alternatively, to accelerate RECOVERY, intake a serving of Vitargo at the very latest, 15-30min immediately AFTER training/competition. By doing so, your body will be able to perform at a higher level quicker and sooner than with carbohydrates found in ordinary recovery drinks and powders. This is especially critical if you are training or competing more than ONCE in a single day and/or on a daily basis.

As an IN-BETWEEN workout (ie: if you are training in both the morning and evening) – For BEST results after heavy training or competition use another serving 30-90min after your FIRST serving. Some athletes have found it effective to consume a serving mid-day between training sessions. It has been known that one HIGH LEVEL, gold-medal Olympian, has/is consuming 9 SERVINGS of Vitargo on a daily training basis. Vitargo IS the most POWERFUL MUSCLE FUEL. Ideal for carb-loading protocols.

Vitargo’s unique molecular viscosity makes it feel thicker than other carbohydrate drinks. Be sure to experiment with Vitargo before and during training to see if you prefer 1 or 2 scoops. For optimal performance.

I’m on a LOW-CARB DIET because Ive been told carbs are BAD for me….

Most researches shows that a low-carb diet restricts your body from receiving THE necessary nutrients and “fuel” needed to complete healthy workouts. Low intake of carbohydrate is also known to blunt the release of anabolic signaling factors; hampering gains in muscle size and strength. Think of it this way: the human brain operates, almost exclusively off of carbohydrates…it prefers glucose. Depriving the brain of this fuel leads to “crashing” and exhaustion. This leads to FATIGUE and lack of concentration during training and exercise. As the stomach digests the carbohydrate, it is metabolized into glucose. The glucose is then used by the brain to operate the body and stored in the muscle as glycogen. It are these glycogen levels that make Vitargo the fastest muscle fuel. Because there are no added stimulants in Vitargo, like most other pre, intra and post workouts, that attributes to the NO CRASHING effect when on Vitargo. What you want to remember are SIMPLE carbs (white sugars, flour, etc). Cut these out of your diet. We suggest augmenting the intake of COMPLEX carbohydrates. Vitargo IS A COMPLEX carbohydrate. And, if you’re trying to loose weight? Here’s actually a great read on incorporating COMPLEX carbs into a weight-loss regime. Depriving your body of glycogen during workouts leads to a low-level feel of energy (a “crash”). So, according to us, a low-carb diet is pure misleading bunk. Carb-up and hit your workouts harder than ever!

Can I add Vitargo to my favorite Creatine, PRE-WORKOUT, BCAA, or PROTEIN?

Combining Vitargo with different products for the added benefit of some of the other ingredients, CAN be highly beneficial. Added Vitargo CAN decrease the risk of what you may feel as a “crash” off of other products. Vitargo added to your favorite protein (ie: whey, casein, soy, etc) makes for an EXCELLENT recovery shake. Adding Vitargo to your favorite pre-workout or BCAAs (ie: ones that contain Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-leucine, Vitamin B-12, L-Valine or L-Isoleucine) makes for an EXCELLENT matrix. *All OTHER CARB sources are INFERIOR. When adding Vitargo to a creatine know this: carbohydrates improve creatine absorption. Insulin-mediated simulation improves the storage of creatine in muscle thus, a very beneficial substitute in collaboration with Vitargo. Ingesting Vitargo stimulates the secretion of insulin, an endogenous hormone. The creatine transporters are mediated by this rise in insulin.

Will Vitargo make me feel bloated or cramped?

Bloat-proof / cramp-proof — Carbohydrate-based energy and recovery beverages can make you feel bloated. That’s because the type of carbohydrate used in ordinary formulas act like sponges drawing water into the stomach, which can cause uncomfortable bloating, distension, and cramping. Vitargo is a patented molecular carbohydrate form PROVEN to empty from the stomach FASTER and be absorbed into the body more quickly. IN FACT university researchers found that Vitargo emptied from the stomach more than 2x FASTER than a comparable beverage with sugars and maltodextrin, the types of carbohydrates used in many popular sports/energy and recovery drinks and powders. This may explain why many athletes and users notice NO BLOATING or “heavy stomach” feeling when they use VItargo before, during or after training or competition.


Vitargo is an international brand that is found globally, either as the original product or co-branded by a reputable company that puts their customer’s performance and results in pole position. No matter where in the world you are attempting to smash personal bests or break world records, Vitargo can be found near you, supporting your efforts and achievements.

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